About the Moffitts

Steve was raised in Franklin, PA and graduated from Grove City College with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Melinda’s father was a pastor and she grew up in Indiana, Michigan, and PA. She graduated from Taylor University and Penn State University as a Physician’s assistant. Both of us worked in Franklin, PA after college and met at a single’s Bible Study. We were married in June of 1987. After working 8 years as an electrical engineer and several years as a PA we left our careers to begin our missionary journey. We spent one semester at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and three years at Moody Aviation in Tennessee.

In May of 1994 we arrived in Nairobi with 5 year old Olivia and 2 year old Natalie. Their younger sister, Christine, was born in July of 1995 in Nairobi. Besides working as the AIM ABS Personnel Coordinator Melinda enjoys helping people with their medical needs. She is also involved in Sunday School and occasionally plays the piano for our church. Steve enjoys the outdoors when he is able to escape from Nairobi.

Olivia is an events technician at the Fort Wayne Library, Natalie graduated from Houghton College with a Bachelors Fine Arts degree and is currently living in Franklin, PA. Christine is a Sophomore at Taylor University.

Favorite African Experience:

Steve – exploring Mt. Kenya

Melinda – visiting the Sese Islands in Lake Victoria


Did you Know?

* Melinda was a high school track star.

* Steve spent a lot of time in coal mines throughout the US.

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