The ship is in and the boys are back in town!

It was easy to pick out N685KS amongst the aircraft on final approach to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport because of the newly installed alternating flashing landing lights! We are praising God for the safe arrival of the airplane and crew. Brian Stoltzfus was dropped off at the Samaritan’s Purse hangar at Eldoret, Kenya and Jim Streit flew the last 40 minutes to Nairobi alone.

The flight was not without its moments with a radio cooling fan failing over the Atlantic causing the radios to shut off. The crew improvised with some tubing and the cabin air vents to bring them back to life. Then came a flat tire in Malta which resulted in an extra day waiting for the replacement tire to come from the UK.

Tomorrow we will gather to celebrate and thank God for the provision and safe arrival of this new Kingdom tool and the crew that brought her home.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Steve and Melinda




N685KS arrives at the AIM AIR hangar at Wilson Airport


Captain Jim happy to be home!


N685KS happy to be home also!


Praising God for a safe ferry flight!

2 thoughts on “The ship is in and the boys are back in town!

  1. Waldo sent me the link to follow the flight of N685KS. It was so good to see it finally located at Wilson Airport. Now he sent me your letter, which I found very interesting.

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