Ferry Flight Happening Now

Dear Family and Friends,

The newest aircraft to join the AIM AIR fleet is on its way to Africa. Please pray for experienced Ferry Flight pilot Brian Stoltzfus and senior AIM AIR pilot Jim Streit as they fly this Cessna Grand Caravan over a lot of water. They left Maine today and are on their way to Newfoundland. You can track the flight in real time as well as see lots of pictures of this airplane at www.aimair.org.

This aircraft was built from two wrecked airplanes by the great folks at Preferred Airparts in Kidron, Ohio. The project was funded mostly by SIM and a bit by AIM. It is our first aircraft to feature a “glass panel” instrument and avionics package. My current job isĀ  to duplicate this avionics and instrument package on one of our aircraft here in Kenya. That project is currently scheduled to begin in May. I would appreciate your prayers for this big project.

That’s all for now. More later…

Steve and Melinda



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