An Unexpected Journey

Dear Family and Friends,

Though I have “stolen” the title of this post from one of the Hobbit movies I can assure you that we did not have a swarm of dwarves at our door wanting us to be their burglar. We have been in the USA now for a week and a half. Over the Christmas holidays family concerns left us very unsettled and we prayed about what we should do. We considered having Melinda return to assess things but our mission leadership advised that we both should travel to the US. We did not find any peace until we decided to both return to the US for a short visit.

It turned out to be most convenient for us to accompany Christine, who was in Kenya with us during her Christmas break, back to the US. We plan to be here for 4 weeks. Our arrival was a bit challenging due to a number of issues. Melinda’s US driving license was expired and seemed to be difficult to renew due to a missing document. Our car, which we were depending on using, was not drivable due to a seemingly serious mechanical problem. Steve got really sick on the flight from London to Chicago and was a basket case by the time we reached Franklin. Melinda followed with the same illness about a day later.

We have seen God’s hand in all of this as the driver’s license was easily renewed, the car problem was not as bad as we thought and was fixed in a day, and both of us recovered from our illness. We have been able to spend some time with all three of our daughters.

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and direction from the Lord during our brief stay here in the USA. Pray for strength as we spend time with family while continuing to do our mission jobs the best we can from a long distance.

In His love, grace, and peace,

Steve and Melinda

One thought on “An Unexpected Journey

  1. Hi Melinda and Steve
    I had a longer note written but I lost it. I’ll just say that we will be praying for all your concerns, knowing that God wants the best for all of you. You have been so faithful in your mission. Love to all.
    God bless you all.

    Mary and Dick

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