Okay, it’s Saturday and I’ll admit I am procrastinating. I should be working on wiring plans, physical unit drawings, and mounting locations for a major upgrade to our Cessna Caravan. The problem is that in the midst of keeping AIM AIR’s fleet avionics healthy I’ve been working on this planning day, night and weekends for the past several months. As much as I enjoy my work it is getting tiring. Motivation is currently at low tide.

Some folks might have the image of missionary life being exciting and dramatic. In reality there is a good measure of humdrudgery in our lives as “support” missionaries. Maybe that should be a new class of missionaries; church planters, evangelists, translators, theological educators, and humdrudgers! Much like work anywhere else there is the routine of getting up, getting to work, dealing with all the details and stress of the “job”. At the end of the day its back home for supper and the second shift on the computer. Then repeating the process the next day. Of course we do get the excitement of our daily commute in Nairobi traffic. More confrontations with other cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, cows, policeman, and ambulances going the wrong way in your lane than you could possibly imagine! And all of this in only three miles!

Thankfully, I am remembering this isn’t about us. It is about Him. It is about the Daasanach tribe in Northern Kenya who just received the New Testament in their own language. I am remembering the two times I went to that location trying to help with their radio communication problems as well as the many AIM AIR flights that supported that work over the years. It’s about the Kenyan missionary who came in my door asking about the inverter he asked us to repair. He is working hard for Christ in a tribe that is not his own in a very remote place. It is about the good news of Jesus Christ being proclaimed in a myriad of places, about the healing power of Christ being extended to many for whom there is no doctor. It’s about the “interruptions” to my daily routine from local aviation technicians who come seeking help but really need a Savior. It’s about flying chunks of metal that in the Master’s hand have become tools to extend the good news to places it could not reach before.

……….I need to get back to work. And by the way, please pray for your local humdrudger!


The first thing we better tell you is that AIM has changed it’s email system which has also changed our email address. We no longer have a joint email account and our new individual accounts are:



Our old will work for a little longer before it is discontinued.

Melinda was at AIM’s Africa Based Orientation this week assisting Dr. Ginny Kiloren with a presentation on staying healthy in Africa. Melinda continues to be very busy in her role as Personnel Coordinator for AIM Africa Based Support. She will be attending a “Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills” seminar in the near future. She continues to find teaching Jr. Church a joyful challenge. She enjoyed going with friends to the traditional dowry party for Purity her Kenyan co-worker. Please pray for her as she will undoubtedly have additional responsibilities when her supervisor goes on home assignment from December through March.

Since my co-worker Joe and his family left on a well deserved home assignment in September I have been busy keeping all our aircraft flying and doing the planning mentioned above. Please pray as I will have another audit of our avionics shop by the FAA in November. I have a young Kenyan intern named Abraham who comes in and helps me when he is not working on the hangar floor. He is becoming an expert at pilot headset refurbishment. Please pray for the Wagnell’s. That they would have a good home assignment. They are expecting child #4 during this time so please pray that the birth would go well and that all their financial needs would be met.

Melinda and I have snatched a few days away and enjoyed our church’s family fun day. We also spent a good day with Simon, a potential AIM candidate,  in the Nairobi game park. You’ll find some pictures from some of these events at the end of this post.

Our Girls

Olivia continues working at the Fort Wayne library and living with Melinda’s parents. She has had a few medical issues but otherwise is pushing on. Her work schedule has been very busy so her progress towards “Indiana Master Naturalist” has slowed a bit.

Natalie experienced her first car accident. She found out that driving and a free ranging puppy in the car don’t mix. We are thankful no one was hurt and that the car has been repaired. She completed a mural for a family in San Antonio. Most recently she has been making marbles besides manning a gallery where specialty glass items are sold.

Christine is in her Sophomore year at Taylor University. She is coming “home” for Christmas. She will arrive in Nairobi on December 15th and stay with us until January 23rd.


Like many of you we are praying for those affected by this nasty virus. Our mission has a contingency plan in place which they developed with the help of SIM whose personnel have had experience with the virus. Currently, unlike the USA, there are no active cases of Ebola in Kenya or in any of the countries where AIM missionaries are located.

God’s richest blessing to each of you!

Steve and Melinda

2014-09-19 12.17.28.jpg

Esther, Joe, Kezia, Ezri, and Benjamin Wagnell just before leaving for home assignment


The intrepid bird watcher


A moment away from the city


Our church's family fun day, Simon (in green hair) says!


Looks like some sort of relay is about to commence


Relay race, who can get their school clothes on the fastest!


Going at it!


I'm done!


A day in the game park with an potential AIM candidate from England. A female Impala


One of the Big 5 and one of the meanest!


Male Impalas


Young Zebra


Another of the Big 5!


Zebras galore


Which way to the fresh meat!


African Hoopoe


Melinda, Purity (the bride), Zedah, Lindsey, and Terry at the traditional dowry party

One thought on “Humdrudgery

  1. We wish you enthusiasm, energy, and loads of fun.So very good to hear from you. I never knew you faced all that traffic drama. I hate it when there is lots of traffic, and recently Franklin has had more than her share!! The laves here are very beautiful but falling fast.
    We had pink Sunday this past week when we were encouraged to wear pink and a collection was taken for The Kirkland Foundation (Cancer). It was interesting. Ed Gresick is always thinking of ways to have fun and get people to Church.
    Have a good Halloween, haha and God bless all your efforts for Him.. Love and blessings

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