Authority Magnet

Authority Magnet – Perhaps you are thinking this is some kind of electrical device. It is actually a description of the 411 square feet of space we call the “Radio Base” where we ply our trade and attempt to keep our small fleet of aircraft electronically and electrically healthy.

I’m calling it the “Authority Magnet” because, if you remember, I came back to Kenya in September of last year for an audit by the US Federal Aviation Authority. A few weeks ago we had the additional joy of an audit by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. On March 3rd, well it will be another audit by the FAA followed by, on of all days April 1st, a security inspection by the TSA or Department of Homeland Security. And to top it off this week I was at the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Like I said…an authority magnet. A tiny 411 square feet of space called the Radio Base.

This is part of the realm of ministry the Lord has given us. We are reminded in Romans 13:1, ” Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” In the first part of Philippians 1:7 we are told by Paul ” Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” So we covet your prayers that as we interact with the various authorities that we would honor Christ in all we say and do. Pray that opportunities to share the gospel would come, not only with these authorities, but also with others we interact with on a daily basis through our aviation ministry. We experience daily that the way of righteousness is almost never the easy way. But it is the way of our Lord and Savior and we choose to follow Him.

Melinda and I are reasonably settled in our new abode. She has taken some pictures and I have posted some of those here. Melinda is resuming her role as the Personnel Coordinator. She works with the needs of missionaries here on the field, on home assignment, and those preparing to come for the first time. It has been fun reconnecting with folks here and getting to know some new people who arrived while we were in the USA.

As for the rest of our family. Olivia is taking an Indiana ecology course in addition to her full time work schedule. She and her grandparents have had a few challenges getting out of the driveway this winter. Natalie is in the midst of the final semester of her college career. She and some friends are heading to St. Petersburg Florida for spring break. Christine is enjoying her classes this semester including piano lessons. She actually used snow and warm in the same sentence leading us to believe she has adjusted to her first full winter in the USA since third grade.

We are very grateful for your kind prayers and support and that you actually read our humble ramblings!

Many blessings in Christ our Savior and Lord,

Steve and Melinda

Melinda says these photos are boring but they are all we have this time!


Back yard with mood lighting




More back porch


Main Bedroom


Guest Bedroom, come and stay awhile!




Living / Dining Room

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