On the Move

In the midst of packing to return to Kenya I told my dad, “You have to be crazy to live like we do!”. He slyly replied, “I guess that is helpful”. We further cemented our position as crazy by moving to a smaller place soon after we arrived in Nairobi. It seemed like a good idea but when the time actually came we had a bit of panic at our crazy decision. The physical move is now accomplished thanks to Sammy, Paul, and Sylvesta. They are a good team of Kenya muscle that made our move easier and blessed us with their eagerness to help. Two truckloads and we were done!

In a few short days we will be resuming our duties. We have had a few meetings already including an zero preparation time audit with the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. The first day I went back to the hangar my co-worker Joe was in the hospital having an appendectomy. So neither of us had time to prepare for the audit. We praise God for allowing that to go well. It was a good indication that Joe had done a great job running the shop in my absence.

We would appreciate your prayers for:

  • Dealing with the remainder of our possessions which won’t fit in our new abode.
  • Re-engaging with our responsibilities at AIM AIR and AIM ABS
  • Being a good witness to Christ as we meet new neighbors and as we interact with people in our work.
  • Our daughters in the USA

Many blessings in Christ to each of you.

Steve and Melinda

A few moving pictures below




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