Back in Nairobi, Time to Crash!

Back in Nairobi, Time to Crash!

Dear Family and Friends,

Praising God for a good trip back though longer than expected. We arrived back in Nairobi landing about 6:10 am Wednesday morning. Our plane from Chicago to London was delayed about 4 hours making it impossible to make our connecting Nairobi flight. When we got off the flight in London there were¬† British Airways staff waiting for us and they already had us booked on a Kenya Airways flight at 7pm that night. They also gave us some vouchers for food. Since the weather wasn’t very nice and we had to check in with Kenya Airways mid-afternoon we explored Terminal 4 instead of London. My co-worker Joe picked us up in Nairobi and it was a 2 hour ride to our house. The Nairobi traffic was saying, “welcome back”.

A few housekeeping items now that we’ve changed continents again. Our USA phone number, 814-493-4259 is no longer operational. Here are the ways you can contact us.

  • We are available on Skype. Our name is: aaradiobase
  • Steve’s Kenya Cellphone is +254 735 338040
  • Melinda’s Kenya Cellphone is +254 738 452153
  • You can text the above cell phones asking us to call as the rates from the Kenya to the US have been really low. Just make sure you sign the text message.
  • Our email addresses have remained the same.
  • Both Melinda and I are available on Facebook
  • You can leave a message or comment at our website,

Thanks for praying us back.
Blessings in Christ,

Steve and Melinda



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