So I am sitting here trying to burn the image of snow frosted trees into my brain. Hoping that if I need a flashback it will be at least there like the ghostly image burned on an old TV tube. I find there is some kind of primal beauty in the midst of winter as though God is choosing to paint a picture with a more limited color palette. Sort of like one of Natalie’s art projects where they redraw the same picture each time with a more limited set of colors and shapes. I also thought about taking my own advice to the girls and setting up a lawn chair in the snowy yard, wear shorts, a tee shirt, and flip flops. Take a glass of lemonade with ice and a straw and slowly sip the lemonade while basking in the winter sun. Maybe then my body will remember the icy sting of the winter wind. I guess I am one of the few missionaries in Africa who miss this season of the year in the Northern USA. I guess that is because I am a certified Western PA redneck!

Melinda and I will step into the Pittsburgh airport around lunchtime on Monday. The next time we step out of a man made enclosure will be into the “cool” African night in Nairobi. It will be nearly Wednesday morning by then. The Lord has given us much to be thankful for, much to pray for, much to remember, and much to look forward to. We will be met by my co-worker Joe who will take us to our home. After several weeks we plan to move to a smaller home in the area of Nairobi where we lived during our first four years in Kenya.

Your prayers are coveted for the family we leave behind, especially our three girls, for our travels and readjustment to life in Africa, and for our hopping back onto that speeding freight train of ministry that is AIM AIR and AIM Africa Based Support.

It is with deep appreciation and gratitude to the Lord for each one of you that we bid you all kwaheri until we return to this side of the Atlantic or you come to visit us in Kenya.

Richest blessings in Christ,

Steve and Melinda

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