Guess who came to dinner!

So I received one of those phone calls, “The FBI has determined there is a home break in every … Irritating especially when you have to stand near a certain window to catch the call. When the phone rings again I am not so quick to answer and I don’t get there in time. This time it was our Africa Inland Mission USA director who was in our neck of the woods and did we have time for a visit! Thank goodness for voice mail.

So we had a great time of fellowship and food with Wade Ewing our USA AIM director. Thanks Wade for taking the time to stop by.


Steve, Wade, and Melinda. Photo by Christine

In other news, despite how we might look to you, we’ve been cleared medically to return to Kenya with no restrictions. Financially, we still have $282 per month needed in committed support. It has been a blessed day and tomorrow we pick up Natalie from Houghton!! Praising God who is always good because it is His nature.

Hope your Christmas is getting merrier by the minute!

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