Odds and Ends

Just a few notes from Western PA. Melinda is off to Fort Wayne to pick up Christine who finishes her first semester of college on Thursday. The two of them will return to PA on Friday. Sometime after Natalie finishes (a week from now) we will all head to Fort Wayne to celebrate the Christmas season with Melinda’s family. We will return to PA around the 6th of January. Our departure for Kenya is set for the 20th of January if all of our support needs have been met by then. We would appreciate your prayer for the traveling and time with family.

Getting in touch with us on our cell phone at our apartment in PA has been a bit of a challenge. To help with that and also times when Melinda and I are apart we’ve added a Skype phone number to our computer. This number is 814-209-4640. You can contact us on this phone in addition to our cell phone 814-493-4259.

We had a great time with our family at Thanksgiving (see picture below). It was the first time our 8 blended siblings have been together in 28 years. Almost all the children of those 8 were there as well as the grandchildren.

I was also blessed to be able to harvest a 7 point buck on the first day of deer season. It was 165 lbs field dressed so will provide some good meat for the family. Melinda and I can personally attest to the tastiness of the tenderloins! A rowdy crew helped me move the tree stand the Saturday before the season opened. I was sure the woods would never be the same!

Your prayers for our financial support would be greatly appreciated. We still lack just under $600 per month in committed partners. If you plan to support us or to change your current support of us please let us know. We are blessed and bewildered how God does this as we feel so undeserving. Our deepest thanks to all who support us through your prayers or giving. You can go to our website: smmoffitt.aimsites.org and then to the “Ministry Support” page if you need any more information.

I will update our website with the dates we have open for speaking and the US State we are in at the time.

Be blessed as you prepare to celebrate the birth of The King!

Steve and Melinda Moffitt

moffitt_family_thanksgiving2013 copy

The Moffitt Clan


Speed Beef !



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