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On Sunday as we were driving south in Indiana from Bear Lake to Taylor University we were keeping an eye on the dark clouds brewing just to the west of us as strong winds were buffeting our car. The radio was giving tornado alerts every 2 or 3 minutes and Melinda was checking the location of the latest tornado probabilities to our location on the map. By God’s grace we kept just ahead of the storm and arrived at Taylor University. Returning with Christine to her dorm we found that everyone was in the basement and we spent the next hour there with them as the storm passed. Later as we drove back north to Ft. Wayne, on the back side of the storm, we were blessed with beautiful vibrant rainbows and sunshine. This was the same storm front that generated the violent tornadoes in the Midwest that Sunday. We are thanking God for his protection.

While we hope it is not comparable to a violent storm we do see a “change in the weather” quickly approaching for Melinda and I. We have reserved tickets to return to Kenya on January 20th. We would appreciate your prayers for us as our remaining days in the USA are spent trying to do the best we can for our family here while preparing to return to ministry in Kenya. Upon our return to Kenya we will be moving to a smaller house as soon as possible. The compound house we had been living in is a large 4 bedroom unit which is a bit much for just Melinda and I. Hopefully, by our moving, it will free this unit for a family that needs the space.

There are a few “hoops” we still need to jump through before returning to Kenya. The major ones are being cleared medically and meeting our financial support target. We have done all the necessary medical exams so now it just waiting for a thumbs up or down from the mission doctor. Our support is now at -$652 per month. We’ve had both gains and losses so would appreciate your prayers for this remaining need to be met. If you are interested in supporting us all the information can be found on our website at I try to keep our current support status updated here as well if you are interested in how it is going. As always we most jealously covet your prayers for us. However, we don’t want this to be a one way street so if you send us your needs we will pray for you as well!


Early in November I traveled to Olathe and Kansas City, Kansas for aviation training. In Olathe I was at Garmin’s headquarters for three days of training on their aviation products. This is a required part of AIM AIR being a Garmin Aviation product dealer. It was good to put faces to people I’ve talked to on the phone. I was also able to spend a few minutes talking to Pete Cowles who did my job with AIM AIR long before I arrived in Kenya. He is now a Garmin Aviation support technician. In Kansas City I spent two days at the Aviation Electronics Association regional meeting. More training and a chance to meet with representatives for companies whose products we use on AIM AIR aircraft.

We are now back in Franklin, PA and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Our far flung Moffitt clan will be all together for the first time in many years. We are also looking forward to hunting together in PA’s deer season.

Melinda and I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving. Much of our thanksgiving is for all of you who have prayed for us and supported us over so many years. We have truly been blessed.

Together with you in the service of The King,

Steve and Melinda Moffitt


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