We are listening while in motion.

Dear Family and Friends,

Do you ever wish this time of faith was over? Do you ever wish to hear the actual voice of Jesus and to see his physical form? Do you desire to have Him tell you what he wants you to do while you walk with him? We sure do especially now when we feel a bit squeezed between the ministry Christ has given us to do with AIM and the needs of our immediate family. In asking our fellow AIM missionaries for their wisdom and insight we found that this struggle is not unusual for those in our present stage of life. The Word of God speaks to our responsibility for both the ministry he has given us and the care of our family. So how do we do this when our ministry is on one continent and our family is on another?

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27. As we move towards returning to Kenya in January we are listening for the voice of our Savior. Oh if we were only so full of Him that every thought of our minds were His thoughts, every passion of our hearts were His passion, every will of our soul was His will, and every work of our fingers were His works! For now we ask you to remember us in prayer as we continue to listen while in motion. “You will know” said one experienced missionary in regards to when it is time to stay home. That was encouraging to us. That means when it is time, we will hear His voice telling us so. Until such a time it is our desire to be faithful to the calling He has placed in our lives. Therefore, please pray for us as we plan to return to Kenya and resume our ministry there in January 2014.

For the Africa Inland Mission to clear Melinda and I to return to Kenya we must meet our targeted financial support amount. We currently have a deficit of $640 per month. So we covet your prayers that God would speak to those who would support us both financially as well as in prayer. We are so very thankful for each of you who already support us in either way. If you wish to support us either by prayer or financially or both you can click, print, and mail us this Moffitt Ministry Response Sheet .

If you wish to give a one time gift by credit card or set up an automatic monthly account transfer please go to: http://www.aimint.org/usa/give

The support information is always available on our website, smmoffitt.aimsites.org, on the “Ministry Support” page.

Many blessings in Christ our Savior – Steve and Melinda Moffitt

Here are some pictures from our last few weeks of travel for your enjoyment!

October Travels


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  1. praying for you guys. Jon just got his wallet stolen plus license $248 and 2 credit cards. Stink. No use of cards before we cancelled them PTL. But now we are reliant on cash only basis which is hard. The Lord knows. Wish we could have crossed paths while in the USA. Love hugs and prayers. Kathy for Jon

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