On the Road Again!

Dear Family and Friends,

Melinda and I would appreciate your prayers as we embark on a season of traveling. The next month will find us in Tenessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. Please pray that God would speak through us as well as use us as His servants. We are entrusting our safety to His capable hands.

As you are praying please also pray for wisdom as we look for God’s blessing that we return to Kenya in January. Pray that we would rightly discern the needs of children and family and that our remaining 10% of support would be met.

The picture below is at the spot deeeep in the PA woods where I first asked Melinda to go out with me on a date many years ago. I think the line went something like, “If we ever get out of here would you go out with me.”

Many blessings in Christ,

Steve and Melinda Moffitt

Where Steve first asked Melinda for a date.

Where Steve first asked Melinda for a date.

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