From Home Assignment 2013


Natalie, Olivia, and Christine

The air is getting crisper and the trees are beginning to have tinges of colors other than green. Fall is coming fast. Life also seems to be streaking by and Melinda and I suddenly find ourselves in that “empty nest” stage of life. We have seen much of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the last few months. Here are a few such items to tell you about.

I recently returned from Nairobi where I had been for a bit less than a week. The purpose of being there was a scheduled audit of the Radio Base (AIM AIR’s avionics shop) by the FAA. The audit was certainly well attended with the FAA inspector, two inspectors from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, AIM AIR’s Quality manager, Joe, and I. The audit produced only three minor “findings” to which we have already responded with resolutions. So we are praying our resolutions will be accepted and we will be renewed for another year.

Just prior to leaving for Nairobi we received the news that our daughter Olivia had selected for a full time job at the Fort Wayne Library. She had been working at a satellite library doing cleaning. Her new job is as one of four event technicians. The set up for the numerous events that take place at the library throughout the year. We are praising God that in this difficult economy she was able to secure this position.


Natalie back at Houghton

Melinda and I as well as my parents dropped off Natalie to begin her senior year at Houghton College. She has a very unstructured schedule this year so we are praying for discipline for her as she finishes up her fine arts undergraduate work. Pray for her as she considers what is to come next in her life.


While her sister is just finishing college Christine is just beginning. She started at Taylor University with the International Student Orientation in mid-August. We are thankful she


Christine with her cousin Matt (a senior) discuss Taylor’s finer points.

was able to get a good job in the campus library (seems to run in the family starting with Melinda!). Pray for Christine as she adjusts to life in the USA. Having spent no more than 3 out of her 17 years in the USA it is a bit of a foreign country to her. Pray that she can connect well with students from all walks of life.

Melinda and I would love to hear from you while we are on this side of the Atlantic. Our phone number is 814-493-4259. Praising God for many blessings which include each of you.

Steve Moffitt


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